Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. Earned a PhD in Computer Science at the same Faculty.

Waldemar Birk is a very experienced in business and sales management, business development and management of complex IT projects.

 He is an expert in creating offers and implementating complex international projects.
Waldemar Birk has expertise in the field of taxation, tax and fiscal control and their supporting systems, customs systems, risk analysis systems and financial flow verification systems, as well as the systems used by police and border guards.

 Waldemar Birk held management positions in different companies: he was co-owner and CEO of the company NEWSCAN ApS in Denmark, is co-owner and CEO of Celtra Sp. z o.o., is chairman of the board Xenotim S.A., is the founder and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Cooperative 'Polish Capon', was a member of the board of WB Consulting Sp. z o.o., a member of the Supervisory Board of the Centre for Innovative Solutions for Biomedical S.A. and a member of the Supervisory Board of the Department of Biomass Processing Plant S.A..

Waldemar Birk has knowledge of four languages (danish, english, russian and german).

He started his professional career from the development of various applications: production management in sports clothes factory in Sweden, managing a law firm in Copenhagen, production management in a factory in Copenhagen, development of information and communication system for the Norwegian Telecommunications, then he was head of sales support in companies Siemens Data and at Bull in Denmark, and later was the head of a group of project managers offering to sell, and doing various projects such as: he was project director of strategies and development of an integrated communication networks and services for Danish customs officers, he was the director of the project of computerization of the Danish mail services in the field of quality management and optimization of the collection and distribution of mail, including international shipments and parcels, was the project manager in application development of Poltaxon on behalf of Bull, Bull's deputy director in Lithuania, program director in the project Isztar - integrated tariff in Poland,director of sales department for the public sector in the company ICL, Fujitsu Services and S & T Services in Poland. He was co-author of projects like: 'Implementation strategy of the Schengen system in the Polish Police', 'Implementation strategy of criminal intelligence in Polish Police' and the 'Implementation strategy of the quality management system in Polish Police DNA laboratories'.

Since 2007 he has run his own business providing services in the field of business development and project management for various companies.
As a Business Development Manager at SMT Software S.A., Waldemar received in the last 3 years contracts worth over 50 million zł netto (order in companies such as SKOK S.A., TZ Sp. z o.o., ITI Neovision Sp. z o.o., Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Institute of Animal PIB, Ministry of Finance , Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ and UKE).
In his private life, Waldemar Birk resumes Polish culture in capon breeding,, in the backyard in Wilanów he has 3 hens and 3 capons Zielononóżka Kuropatwiana breed, conducts training in the use of Dr. Bach flower essences for animals to change their behavior, keen to play badminton, has some pedigree Maine Coon cats, enjoys diving and travelling.

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